Video Animation

Magnetic particles are widely used for isolation of analytes, cells or DNA which have been bound to the surface.

KymaSep is a unique approach. The dual force of magnetism working with a standing wave caused by high frequency ultrasound is extremely efficient in pushing the magnetic particles into clumps. The ultrasound force exceeds the magnetism, holding the particle clumps suspended in the middle of the chamber.

Switching off the ultrasound allows the magnetic fields to pull the particles to the floor of the chamber away from contaminant and compounds that can interfere, e.g. in PCR amplification reactions

The chamber dimensions ensure laminar flow, so that the flow rate is fastest in the middle, but very slow at the walls of the chamber. This allows vigorous and rapid washing, with minimal loss of particles.

Activating the ultrasound pushes the particles into the cleaned-up liquid. At this stage additional reagents can be washed through e.g. for an immunoassay reaction, followed by multiple washing stages and substrate additions.

Deactivating both the ultrasound and magnetism allows the particles to be released and collected at the exit of the chamber.

 The animation video was produced for ProKyma by Ivan Gaskell
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