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A spinout from Dstl, Porton Down, ProKyma was formed to exploit Dstl's research into separation technologies.

ProKyma is using the company's unique approach to magnetic particle handling (the KymaSep module) to develop instrumentation & consumables for the In Vitro Diagnostics and Life Sciences research sectors.

The heart of the system is a flow-through fluidics module, which holds magnetic particles and automates the washing and reagent addition stages, whilst also providing an active mixing environment, thereby speeding up reaction times

The Company's licence agreements and internal development program are targetting the following areas:

Table 1.




Automating the sample processing of Sputum to isolate and concentrate TB for improved detection by microscopy, culture or PCR methods

Molecular biology

Automated method to extract DNA on magnetised particles and wash free from PCR inhibitors from complex samples, such as faeces.

Rare cell analysis

Improved resolution with flow cytometry for rare cells or low copy number antigens

Blood grouping

High throughput, random access instrument improving sample throughput, creating flexibility in menu selection and reducing manufacturing cost of consumables.


Incorporate panels for immunohematology and infectious disease into one instrument.


ProKyma’s system offers a range of significant benefits:

  • Automated processing removes long and complex washing steps, including red cell removal from whole blood

  • Removal of matrix effects, inhibitors and contaminants improves performance of any diagnostic assay

  • Efficient and active mixing speeds up reaction times

  • Cleaner sample allows detection with simpler optics, reducing instrumentation costs.

  • No moving parts in flow cell simplifies instrument design and build

  • Adapts existing assay reagents, shortening development cycle

  • Processing of small sample volumes e.g. fingerstick of whole blood to larger volumes e.g. 3 mLs for TB

  • Gentle forces on the cell maintains viability

ProKyma is open to discussing collaboration or licence of our KymaSep technology.

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