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In September 2006 ProKyma Technologies Limited was registered as a spin-out company from Ploughshare Innovations. Ploughshare Innovations manages technology transfer on behalf of Dstl, the Ministry of Defence's Defence Science & Technology Laboratory; an organisation of some 3,500 plus staff devoted to providing the UK Government with independent expertise on defence and security-related issues.

Dstl Scientists with University collaborators had developed a way of manipulating or concentrating micro-particulate or microbiological particles using acoustic forces to create specific regions in a fluid into which the cells or particles are forced.

Recognising that the work had wider applications across clinical, veterinary and environmental diagnostic methods, a consultancy review was commissioned to investigate the benefit to other laboratories working at the cutting edge of microbial detection, primarily the UK Veterinary Laboratory Agency and the Central Science Laboratory.

In November 2006 ProKyma raised seed investment from the Rainbow Seed Fund, which allowed a feasibility study to be conducted. In December 2007 it completed its series A funding from a syndicate of Rainbow Seed Fund, NESTA and the Liverpool Seed Fund.

The company relocated from laboratory space in the Diagnox Laboratory in Oxfordshire to the MerseyBio Incubator, Liverpool in April 2008.

During 2008 the company completed development of the approach for blood grouping and flow cytometry and in 2009 made the breakthrough of dual forces to improve the performance for other assays.

In 2012 ProKyma secured a grant from the NIHR i4i program to develop a new approach to quantify and monitor circulating tumor cells. This work will be completed in 2015

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