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CEO: Damian Bond BSc

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Damian has specialised in the diagnostics industry for 20 years. He has worked in a number of industry sectors in sales, marketing and business development roles, mostly involved in the diagnosis of disease or the causative agents of human and animal ill health.

He has considerable experience in small and start-up companies with skills in team building and fund raising. He was the founder of Platform Diagnostics, taking it from conception of a digital immunoassay technology through to a working prototype on £1.4 million of investment. Platform entered into agreements with British Biocell International Ltd and Carclo PLC in Q1 2007 to complete the commercialisation of the products.

His consumer marketing experience and initial knowledge of the point-of-care sector was gained at Unilever (Unipath). Thereafter he worked for companies either listed on the Stock Exchange (Tepnel Life Sciences, Trinity Biotech), or else with VC investment (International Diagnostics Group, Acaris, Platform Diagnostics).

His degree in Biotechnology provided a solid foundation in microbiology and the life sciences, with further expertise in developing and selling products into the microbiology and molecular biology sectors at Tepnel and International Diagnostics Group.

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