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Magnetic Particle Handling

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Magnetic particles can be aggregated and washed free of inhibitors and contaminants.

The General Objective
Concentrate all the bacteria from sample into 100 µL of buffer. In PCR applications, the focus is to remove all the PCR inhibitors and present the bacteria in samples in a volume suitable for PCR.

The specific areas under investigation are;

Concentration and purificationCirculating Tumour Cells (CTCs)

Large, dense antibody coated magnetic beads easily navigate through blood capturing CTCs.

The blood flows through the KymaSep module, where the particles are trapped in a magnetic field. The ultrasound force controls the re-suspension of particles for through washing.

The beads are released and the extracted DNA deep sequenced to identify base pair mutations specific to that patients cancer.

The patient's blood is screened on a regular basis to quantify the numbers of CTCs present and changes in therapy can be made is real-time as necessary.

Whole Blood
Isolation from Blood
Rare CellsKymaSep can be used as an automated method to stain specific cells and wash away red cell debris that interferes with flow cytometry detection.

Another approach uses magnetic particles to selectively enrich rare cells from whole blood without any differential lysis steps.
Whole Blood
Blood Grouping/ ImmunoassayVarious
ProKyma has already demonstrated use of KymaSep for blood grouping. It is currently assessing feasibility as an immunoassay platform, with the objective of integrating blood grouping and infectious disease testing onto one instrument.

Any immunoassay test will lend itself to this approach and we aim to demonstrate that the no-moving parts aspect of the instrument can be adapted into the next generation of clinical analysers.
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