ProKyma Technologies

ProKyma Technologies Limited has made a breakthrough in the automated handling of magnetic particles.

We are using the company’s unique approach to magnetic particle handling (the KymaSep module) to develop instrumentation & consumables for the In Vitro Diagnostics and Life Sciences research sectors.

KymaSep utilises a dual force approach combining ultrasound with magnetic fields to hold, wash, manipulate and resuspend the magnetic particles, overcoming the restrictions seen in other attempts to automate the process.
KymaSep can be applied across the wide range of diagnostic and life science applications that utilise magnetic particles, including specific cell isolation, immunoassay, DNA capture, blood grouping or flow cytometry. It also shows promise as a core module to simplify and miniturise the instrumentation in next generation clinical analysers.

ProKyma’s own focus lies in developing an improved blood test for Circulating Tumour Cells (CTC's) to improve detection of early metastasis of cancers and subsequent monitoring of the response to therapy. We are happy to discuss interest and licence opportunities outside of this core area.

A spinout from Dstl Porton Down, ProKyma was formed to exploit Dstl’s research into separation technologies. The company’s expertise lies in the use of high frequency ultrasound along with magnetism to manipulate, concentrate and purify biological cells from complex samples – a technique that has diverse applications in the clinical, food, environmental and pharmaceutical sectors.